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Heart of Faith

Capturing different time zones across the globe, I have travelled to 85 countries and met 120 nationalities. Different cultures and nationalities mesmerize me. Pulled by them in the middle of the night, I am inspired to write and draw forth the reservoir of potential that lies within me. Moments of despair, moments of happiness urge me to seamlessly create hope. I am drawn towards inspiring people, and channeling my energy through my poetry is my primary goal. While I continue to explore the world, my passion towards writing poems has increased its magnitude and will continue as it is a journey not a destination.

The Captivating Journey of A Brown Girl

The Book takes you through the captivating journey of a brown girl who unfolds her delusional side and welcomes the lantern of light in her life.

The word belief acted as a sword, while deep within. Sowing the seed of winter turns to spring, unleashing the fundamental darkness hidden inside.

Bringing one step closer, this book portrays reflections of a girl whose ideas are grand and mesmerizing, focusing on the journey as she undergoes a joyful ride.

A Whirlpool of Curious Emotions

A Whirlpool of Curious Emotions captures the essence of emotions that are embedded in the life of a human. It revolves around the journey of emotions that either get concealed or surface due to abnormal situations. Exposing their true potential while serving their true purpose is the core of humans’ existence. When they begin to unleash the truth of their existence while eliminating the misconceptions they grapple with, they serve their goal. Working with absolute diligence while bringing forth the highest reservoir of growth captivates their limitless desire to attain absolute happiness.

While this book focuses on every emotion a human is capable of having and humans’ embracing quality, it also reveals the hidden truth that humans can evolve when they flow along seamlessly and take the shape of an unimaginable vessel that has depth and a seeking spirit.

Intriguing Lives

Intriguing Lives is a compilation of short stories that will leave you with the curiosity to discover more. Drawn from imaginative fictitious characters who can be perceived to be quite dexterous, they are indeed a paradox of being contained and get consumed in the lower worlds, which are dominated by greed, stupidity, and fundamental darkness. Deprecating their existence would be immensely brutal as they uncover the reservoir of potential that lies within them, drawing forth courage compassion, and wisdom. While each of their journeys are entirely different, they are truly inspiring and will fulfill their mission of never being defeated.

Ideas can be vast in dimension and so are these stories, which are palatable, thereby serving their inbuilt hidden purpose of infinite potential embedded within a human soul.

Debt of gratitude

An amalgamation of poems where repaying debt of gratitude towards these organisations is imperative. The book features a list of organisations who have inspired and left a blueprint in most of our lives. Capturing technology , innovation , speed and leadership , these organisations have created value thereby bringing forth a significant change in some meaningful way. Showcasing their crafstmanship between an idea and its execution these companies have laid a foundation which is indomitable . While their zeal for life is invincible , their sensitivity towards humanity is seemingly filled with compassion . Leaving you intrigued , this book will inspire you to create a legacy of your own and have an impact . Owing gratititude is perhaps an expression towards these bold creations who have played a significant role across the globe.